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This game revolves around Senua who's a celtic warrior in Viking territory on a mission. She's searching for her beloved who's cast into the depths of hell by Norsemen who have taken his life and want to punish everyone who's not one of them.

When she goes looking for her beloved she finds that she's not only on a quest having to deal with the death of her beloved, but also her mental breakdown. Caveat is, she doesn't really know this. She knows something's wrong with her and since she has lived a sheltered life with a father who has convinced her that she has a curse, she thinks that she's well... in the grips of a curse.

To save her beloved, she needs to descend into the depths of hell where she must face all kinds of hell's minions and bosses before going in the final battle. Throughout the journey she's plagued by the fact that she's suffering from psychosis and has both auditory, sensory and visual hallucinations and suffers from flashbacks which makes the journey for you, the player a confounding yet memorable experience and for Senua a reason to be in despair and in fright.

The game gives you a lot of Celtic/Vikinistic trivia along the way and you'll have some guides along the way who'll help you with your quest.

The game plays really well, especially if you know that it's been made by an indie team, then again, it's the team that also delivered us Devil may Cry, so yea. The combat is fluid and the scenery is goodlooking. The game has a photo mode, but using a normal ps4, I really didn't see anything jawdropping to photograph. Maybe this will be the case for PS4 Pro users. However a section in hell called the Sea of Bodies did look amazing, as it usually does in games like in Dante's Inferno made me wish there was a film mode or something...

The game is 7-9 hours long depending on how thorough you are playing and exploring the environment. You don't really get an 'open field' feeling within the game as it's relatively linear, but there are a lot of open sections where fights will happen. Next to fights the game is riddled in puzzles that you have to solve. This is something that is connected to her psychosis and it's implemented in a very clever way.

The music is there, but nothing to brag about. The sound overall is quite good tho. The game advises you to play with headphones and I'd advice you to do that also or you will miss a lot of what the auditory hallucinations are saying to you. They sometimes give you quite the helpfull tips. The downside for some ppl is that they speak constantly tho. Next to that, some sections will have you listening very closely for clues or you wont be able to continue.

I think this is a very good game they made. It looks good and plays well. It's full of lore that interests me and it uses the medium of the game to spread a message about psychosis and how it can affect a life, but more, how ppl treat ppl diagnosed/suffering from a psychosis. This needs to change and what better way to make a change then by letting ppl experience what thousands/millions have to life with every day.

The one thing that they gotta fix is the subtitles though. A lot is being said and I wish that they'd make different subtitle options. Like 'main dialogue only' and 'all dialogue', because now sometimes the dialogue of the auditory hallucinations come together with another voice speaking when you enter a section and then the audio either cuts out from the section dialogue, but you still see the text or the subtitles get jumbled. It's also the case that I have seen subtitles which are ahead or after the dialogue. A lot of times I've even seen subtitles for dialogue which was never said. So thats kinda frustrating for ppl who like reading dialogue.

Nevertheless, would I advertise this game. Ninja Theory calls it the first independent AAA game and I can agree with them. It feels like any other AAA game I've played. It's out now for $/30 on PS4 and PC. I have no idea if it'll come for X1, but I'm fairly certain it will, but not anytime soon. So get it while it's hot and lemme her your auditory hallucinations written down below ^^